10 Best How to Use an Electric Shaver for Hair – [ Buyer’s Guide ]

How to Use an Electric Shaver for Hair – Getting a close shave is important without bleeding all over the place. The electric shaver has cut down on shaving time. By using proper preparation and techniques will ensure you get the best out of your razor. It’s important just how to shave with an electric shaver to get the closest shave possible.

How to Use an Electric Shaver for Hair

Best How to Use an Electric Shaver for Hair

Follow these steps to teach you to have to shave with an electric shaver:

Cleaning the Face:

Wash your face in warm water to soften the beard which will make it easier to get a nice clean shave. Use a gentle cleanser to get rid of any dirt build up. You can benefit from alcohol based pre-shave as this will remove dirt and oils from around your skin and pores allowing the hair to stand up.

Find the Grain:

Find your facial hairs grain. Rub where your hair is growing and take note as to which direction feels smooth and the one that feels like you are going against the grain. This will avoid irritation and ingrown hairs.

Holding the Shaver:

It is best to hold the shaver in your dominant hand. Using your opposite hand try and hold your skin as tight as you can as you go over the skin with your shaver. If you want a close shave then it is best to go against the grain.

The Cheeks:

Shave the cheeks and the sides of your face. This area needs to be shaven with the grain from the top to the jaw.

Side Burns:

Shaving your sideburns is next. Make sure you are watching in the mirror at a level angel so each side is even.


Shaving your mustache area is done by using your index finger of the non-dominant hand so you can lift up your nose and force the upper lip down which will give you more surface to work with.

Chin and Lip:

Shaving underneath your chin and lip is next. It helps to bit and suck the lower lip in so you can gain access to more surface area that the shaver is touching.

Neck Area:

Shaving your neck and underneath the jaw is very sensitive. It can be the hardest to work with so don’t rush it. By tilting your head up means you can get a better view in the mirror.

Final Check Over:

You can now check over for missed spots. This can happen also if you are using a new shaver and not sure how well it cuts or how wide it is cutting.

Adding the Final Touches:

Now you can add some lotion to your skin. This is important a shaving can dry your skin out especially if you used an alcohol-based pre-shave cream.

It may be best to consult a skin care professional if you have sensitive skin to find out which aftershaves are best for sensitive skin to avoid rashes and skin burns.

Aftershave provides a fresh scent and also moisturizes the skin. The most important part is when you are finished shaving be sure to clean the shaver by lifting of the head and brushing the hairs out with a cleaning brush.

By following these steps will ensure you get the best clean, smoother shave every time.

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