The Best Philips Norelco Shavers

The Best Philips Norelco Shavers: For the closest, most professional shave – go no further than the Philips Norelco range. Here are 2 of their top shavers up to date that promises to deliver on every level.

The Best Philips Norelco Shavers

Both carry the Philips Green Logo, offering a significant environmental improvement in one or more of the Phillps Green Focal Areas.

The Shaver Series 9000

Up to date, this is their most advanced shaver yet. With 8-Direction Contour Detection Heads and a V-Track Precision Blade System you will not find a more perfect, or a closer shave. This means that the head can flex in 8 different directions to follow the exact curve of your face while the precision blades ensures a very close shave by positioning every hair at the perfect angle before shaving it off. You can even set the speed to either Fast, Sensitive or Normal.

Although, there is nothing just “normal” about this model. Your beard of 1 to 3 days will be cut effectively, even those stray hairs and the flat-lying ones that always somehow manages to escape the blades. The contouring action mentioned above will also ensure a faster shave, by accessing 20% more hair on the first pass than previous models.

You can also have a clean shaver again at the touch of a single button. The built-in SmartClean System cleans, lubricates, dries AND charges your shaver.

If you have a beard, you can easily take care of it with the click-on beard styler with 5 different settings that will range from a very short stubble to a neatly trimmed, short beard.

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LED lights will indicate your battery usage, cleaning status as well as replacement head status. Of course, they operate only in cordless status, so if you did not charge the shaver, you will have to do a quick 5-minute charge to give you shaving time for a full shave. The battery is fully charged after 60 minutes, providing you with 50 minutes of shaving time.

Finally, a cleaning cartridge and a luxurious travel pouch is included in the box.

Significant Attributes:

  • V-Track Precision Blades
  • 8-Direction Contour Detect Heads
  • SmartClean System Plus
  • SmartClick Beard Styler
  • AquaTec Wet & Dry Usage

The Shaver Series 7000

This model is a bit more focused on providing a protective shave against signs of skin irritation and the normal issues that may arise for those with a more sensitive skin type. The shaver has SkinGlide rings with an anti-friction coating that reduce friction between the shaver and the skin. This results in a smooth glide, and less irritation or redness as a result.

Similar to the Series 9000, this model has 5 direction flex heads that move along the contours of your face. Not quite as good as the upgraded 8 flex heads, but still really good enough for a very close and comfortable shave.

As with most other relevant shavers, it can be used in wet or dry conditions and also has a 3-level battery life LED light indicator. 60 Minutes will provide a full charge that will give you 50 minutes of shaving time.

Although it doesn’t have the very smart built-in cleaning and lubricating system like the Series 9000, it still cleans very easily by rinsing under the tap.

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Extras on this model include a travel pouch, a beard styler, a deep facial cleansing brush and a cleansing brush that can be replaced every 3-6 months (depending on how many times you shave per week).

The Best Philips Norelco Shavers

#01-Andis Profoil Lithium Plus Shaver 17200

Andis Profoil Lithium Plus Shaver 17200
  • Gold Titanium Hypo-Allergenic Foil Shaver/ Shaper
  • Staggered Head Shaver Blades For A Closer Shave
  • Great For Finishing Fades & Removing Stubble
  • Lithium-ion Battery Provides Maximum Power
  • Delivers Up To 80 Minutes of Runtime on A Single Charge

#02-Remington F5-5800 Foil Shaver, Men’s Electric Razor, Electric Shaver, Black

Remington F5-5800 Foil Shaver, Men's Electric Razor, Electric Shaver, Black
  • Intercept Shaving Technology Pre trims longer hairs
  • Pivot and Flex Foil Technology Stays close to skin for smooth results
  • Rechargeable Battery 60 minutes of cordless runtime
  • Pop up Detail Trimmer For finishing touches on your facial hair and sideburns
  • Easy to Clean Washable under the faucet. Charging time 2 hours

#03-Andis 17150 Profoil Lithium

Andis 17150 Profoil Lithium
  • Best for finishing fades and removing stubble
  • Lithium-ion battery provides maximum power
  • Delivers up to 80 minutes of run time on a single charge - 2x longer than other shavers
  • Lightweight - less than 5 ounces. Powerful and quiet rotary moto
  • Equipped with gold titanium hypo-allergenic foils for irritation-free shaving

Significant Attributes:

  • SkinGlide Rings
  • GentlePrecisionPRO Blades
  • Cleansing Brush & Beard Styler
  • 5 Direction DynamicFlex Heads


All things considered, both shavers are good choices and excellent value for money. The Series 9000 may provide the edge with a little bit of a closer shave, where the Series 7000 may be a better option for those with a more sensitive skin. Of course, the self-cleaning & lubricating system on the Series 9000 may just seal the deal if you have a hectic schedule (or are just, well, really lazy)!

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